CORRECTING and REPLACING Steidle Pension Solutions Announces the Launch of SPS 3(16) Administrative Services

October 1, 2021

LEBANON, N.J.--()--First paragraph, last sentence should read: "...Administrative Services allows employers to delegate..." (instead of "...Administrative Services allows employees to delegate...").

The updated release reads:


Steidle Pension Solutions, LLC, a national third party administration firm which provides cost effective 401k and defined benefit plan administration for plans with 1-1000 participants, has announced the launch of a new service for retirement plan sponsors: 3(16) Administrative Services. SPS 3(16) Administrative Services allows employers to delegate many of the day-to-day responsibilities associated with maintaining a 401k plan.

One aspect of SPS 3(16) services that has been favorably received by employers is the ability to out-source the 401k distribution and loan application, approval, and processing for participants. This benefit has proven to create a significant time-savings for employers. The approval of hardship and in-service withdrawals can be delegated as well. Review and Signature Services for the preparation of the Form 5500 are included with the SPS 3(16) services, along with many other employer time-saving opportunities, such as the option to delegate the responsibility of participant notices and disclosure distribution requirements to SPS.

“The rollout of SPS’s 3(16) services has gone phenomenally well. Delivering services and processes to save employers and their staff time related to the management of their 401k plans has been a focus of SPS over the past year. Feedback has been exceptional. On-ramping plans to the 3(16) Administrative Services has been a breeze,” said Keith Steidle, the SPS’s Founder and Managing Director, to a group of plan advisors last week.

In addition to 3(16) Administrative Services, SPS provides comprehensive 401k, 403b, cash balance, and defined benefit plan administration and actuarial services. SPS’s 3(16) Administrative Services complement SPS Payroll Integrative Services introduced in 2020. SPS provides administration services for employers in more than 30 states across America.

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