Fullerton Fund Management Partners with Maybank Singapore to Launch Retirement Solution for Investors across Three Different Life Stages

June 4, 2021

Fullerton Total Return Multi-Asset Income is designed to deliver regular payouts and capital appreciation with potentially lower downside risks

SINGAPORE, June 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Fullerton Fund Management ("Fullerton") has partnered with Maybank Singapore to launch Fullerton Total Return Multi-Asset Income (the "Fund") for investors to build their retirement wealth across three life stages of working adulthood, near-retirement and retirement. The Fund seeks to generate regular income and long-term capital growth from a diversified range of asset classes.

A retirement survey released in April 2021 by Fullerton revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered Singaporeans to start their retirement planning. The findings also indicate that financial uncertainties and low interest rates are nudging them to take on more risk to achieve higher returns on their savings. In addition, it was revealed that many Singaporeans now expect to get most of their retirement income from investment returns, via a mix of capital growth and income.

To cater for varied lifestyle needs and the desire for capital growth and income, the Fund offers investors the freedom to choose from three share classes:

  • Class A: An accumulating share class in which all dividends are reinvested for higher potential capital growth; suitable for young working adults seeking asset growth over a longer time horizon;

  • Class B: A distributing share class that seeks to build accretive returns and provides investors with a moderate dividend monthly payout so that investors with family commitments may have an extra income stream; or

  • Class C: A distributing share class that distributes portfolio gains and capital growth in the form of dividends at a fixed monthly payout of 6.88% per annum. This allows investors to receive a regular income that supplements their existing government or private retirement schemes in their retirement years.

The Fund invests in a range of asset classes to capture a wide range of opportunities. Its underlying portfolio encompasses global stocks and Asian bonds across geographies and sectors, as well as cash and other permissible instruments (such as gold and commodities). It invests in global stocks for capital growth and Asian bonds for yield. The flexibility of the Fund to adjust its allocation to risk assets helps manage downside risks.

The Fund is managed by Fullerton and is available exclusively through Maybank Singapore branches and website from 31 May 2021, with the target inception date of 16 June 2021. The Fund leverages Fullerton's award winning investment capabilities. Fullerton was recently awarded Fund House of the Year – Singapore, at the AsianInvestor Asset Management Awards 2021.

Ms Jenny Sofian, CEO of Fullerton Fund Management highlights that the Fund is well-placed to help investors build their retirement wealth. "Fullerton has a strong reputation and proven track record as a retirement solutions provider. This is premised on our ability to identify investment trends and opportunities over different market cycles. The Fullerton Total Return Multi-Asset Income fund caters to investors across different life stages. It seeks to generate both capital growth and regular income by investing dynamically in a range of asset classes while managing downside risks. The Fund is positioned to deliver total return for investors and is complementary to national and corporate pension schemes. We are proud to partner exclusively with Maybank to elevate the retirement proposition for our investors."

Mr Alvin Lee, Maybank's Head of Group Wealth Management and Community Financial Services Singapore, says, "We understand many of our customers have retirement planning in mind and are keen to invest to achieve their desired retirement lifestyle and financial freedom. With the aim of humanising financial services, Maybank strives to be the bank of choice in retirement planning with our offerings and financial advisory. Two years ago, we launched the unique Maybank Passion Plus Programme for the silver generation. Now, together with Fullerton who has an established reputation in managing diversified retirement solutions, we have curated this Fund to suit individuals from all walks of life."

For more information on Fullerton Total Return Multi-Asset Income, please visit: maybank.sg/trmi.

About Fullerton Fund Management

Fullerton Fund Management Company Ltd ("Fullerton") is an Asia-based investment specialist, focused on optimising investment outcomes and enhancing investor experience. We help clients, including government entities, sovereign wealth funds, pension plans, insurance companies, private wealth and retail, from the region and beyond, to achieve their investment objectives through our suite of solutions.

Our award winning investment expertise encompasses equities, fixed income, multi-asset, alternatives and treasury management, across public and private markets. As an active manager, we place strong emphasis on performance, risk management and investment insights.

Incorporated in 2003, Fullerton is headquartered in Singapore, and has associated offices in Shanghai, London, and Brunei. Fullerton is part of a multi-asset management group, Seviora, a holding company established by Temasek. NTUC Income, a leading Singapore insurer, is a minority shareholder of Fullerton.

For more information, please visit www.fullertonfund.com

About Maybank Singapore

Maybank is among Asia's leading banking groups and South East Asia's fourth largest bank by assets. Maybank Group has an international network of more than 2,600 retail branches in 18 countries including all 10 ASEAN countries, with over 42,000 employees serving customers worldwide.

Maybank Singapore is one of the Group's largest overseas operations and a Qualifying Full Bank in Singapore. As at 31 December 2020, the bank's net asset size in Singapore was approximately S$81.5 billion. With strategically located banking branches and over 2,000 employees in Singapore, Maybank is well positioned to provide highly personalised services and locally oriented solutions that will deliver more value to customers.

For more information, please visit maybank2u.com.sg

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