Income Solver Platform Launches the First Retirement Income Marketplace of Solutions Including Model Portfolios, Annuities, Bonds, and Cash Management

March 11, 2021

LEAWOOD, Kan., March 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Retiree, Inc. ( is announcing the launch of the first retirement income "decumulation" model portfolio marketplace. The new resource for financial advisors combines the award-winning Income Solver platform ( with a marketplace of solutions including model portfolios, annuities, bonds, and cash alternatives.

Financial advisor adoption of model portfolios has been significant. Envestnet, Orion, and Morningstar all have thriving model portfolio marketplaces. However, all these offerings only focus on "accumulation" and growth of assets. The new "decumulation" marketplace combines leading technology that shows how specific and varying ways to draw down savings adds portfolio longevity of seven or more years. Combining analytics and tools to help advisors figure out how to generate and manage income over time is compelling as Baby Boomers now look for help on how to draw down savings and generate income.

"Accumulation-based model portfolio marketplaces are not supporting advisors that need help figuring out optimal ways to generate income across multiple accounts and holdings. We now combine the best model portfolios from leading asset managers with software that helps the advisor figure out how to 'tap' holdings to maximize wealth," states William Meyer, CEO of Retiree, Inc.

Traditionally, financial advisors use software to help with retirement planning, but there is little to no connection to the implementation and management of the investment and insurance solutions, and how to generate an income stream across varying account types. The new model portfolio marketplace directly integrates with a strategic and specific withdrawal sequence that maximizes wealth. The platform is acknowledged as a leader by institutions, advisors and academics that use it to find more income coordinating details of tax minimization, advanced rebalancing, asset location, tax-loss harvesting, Roth Conversions, dynamic and phased withdrawal sequencing, Social Security optimization, Medicare premium minimization, and other key variables needed to deliver income in the most tax-efficient way.

In addition to the robust marketplace and national sponsors, a series of new utilities and tools has just launched. A new "Get Cash" tool shows the advisor exactly what to liquidate and trade to generate income aligned to the model portfolios and solutions the advisor selects. The firm's first step was creating software to identify better withdrawal sequences or ways to maximize assets while generating income. The final step and current launch announcement brings in the best products and programs with tools to implement and manage income over time. Sean Murray, Chief Growth Officer at Retiree, Inc., says, "Retirement income is not an annuity or a single product. Generating a paycheck for clients is a process that needs to be managed over time. We now bring in the best solutions and asset managers to help advisors more efficiently generate income for clients." 

"Different from accumulation-based offerings, we now have a robust platform to empower advisors to deliver better retirement income advice and implement an income stream efficiently over time with the best asset managers," Meyer states. "We believe this will be a game changer as over 70 million Baby Boomers need help maximizing their savings and generating a paycheck to live on in retirement."

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