Learn how to save for retirement in these pandemic times

July 14, 2021

SAVING for your retirement is a lifelong journey. Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, many Malaysians have to put saving for their retirement on hold as they juggle present financial challenges.

A survey conducted by the Private Pension Administrator (PPA) Malaysia last year found that the pandemic has increased awareness on retirement planning – 80.1% of respondents admitted to rethinking their retirement plans and goals, 30% plan to increase their retirement savings in 2021 and 19.2% want to start saving or revert to their usual savings amount once their finances are more stable.

With the current pandemic putting a pause on retirement savings and causing personal finances uncertainties, how can you put your retirement plans back on track during these times?

Find out how by joining the webinar #ISaveinPRS: A Journey Towards Retirement Planning on July 28, 2021 (11am).

At the webinar, PPA and its guests – Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad chief learning officer Steve Lim and chief sales officer Vincent Siau – will show how you can take stock and be back on track in your retirement planning journey.

Learn from PPA about “I, Save in PRS now to have the life I want later”, while the guest speakers will present a retirement planning guide, talk about how to find your magic number, how to build your retirement portfolio and the importance of supplementing one’s retirement.

Registration for the webinar is now open and so register now to book your spot.

There will be a lucky draw whereby 10 participants will get the chance to receive private retirement scheme contribution worth RM100 (terms apply).

For more information about the webinar, go to www.ppa.my.