Lubbock Chamber of Commerce launches 401(k) Association Retirement Plan | KLBK | KAMC

May 29, 2021

(Photo provided by the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce)

LUBBOCK, Texas (NEWS RELEASE) — The following is a news release from the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce:

The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce [recently] announced 401(k) Association Retirement Plan options for small businesses, in partnership with Lincoln Financial Group and Peacefield Wealth Solutions.  

“Under the U.S. Department of Labor Association Retirement Plan rule, our new Lubbock Chamber 401(k) plan allows multiple small employers to pool their assets,” said Dave Marcinkowski, Lubbock Chamber Chair. “This new benefit program allows the Chamber to help members set up new or convert existing small business retirement plans.”  

Through the new 401(k) program, Chamber members will have access to group pricing and service efficiencies, less administrative work, and relief from fiduciary obligations while offering an effective and competitive 401(k) plan. 

“The Lubbock Chamber is committed to providing our members the right solutions for their businesses—solutions that show clear value for money spent, help reduce risk, and help them show their employees that they value what matters to them,” said Marcinkowski. 

Lincoln Financial will be the Chamber 401(k) program record-keeper, and has been active in the retirement plan services (RPS) business for more than 60 years. 

“We have over $76.6 billion in retirement plan assets and are among one of the largest retirement plan providers with more than 1.5 million plan participants,” stated Kevin Donnellan, Lincoln Financial Group Regional 401(k) Sales Manager. 

Local business owner, Eric Sawyer, certified financial planner and owner of Peacefield Wealth Solutions will manage the Lubbock Chamber 401(k) Association Retirement Plan program.  

“I’m really excited to partner with the Lubbock Chamber and I know we will be able to help so many local businesses and its employees meet their retirement goals,” said Sawyer. 

Enrollment has begun for the Lubbock Chamber 401(k) Association Retirement Plan. Businesses interested in learning more can contact Eric Sawyer at (806) 810-4015 or  

(News release from the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce)