Nonprofits teach financial literacy

September 19, 2021
According to a recent report, financial literacy can't be taken for granted, even among highly educated individuals.

More than 50 percent of those coming through their door “never budgeted and never saved money in their whole life,” according to a nonprofit providing financial literacy education in Springfield. 

After a turbulent year-and-a-half pandemic, the importance of budgeting for hard times has never been greater. 

“You hear it out there that you need to have three months or six months of savings put away in order to be able to manage in case of some type of major catastrophe, and I think with the pandemic we sort of saw that... if you didn't have any anything to back up your income, you're going to be in danger of possibly experiencing homelessness and losing your house,” said CPO Vice President of Community & Neighborhood Development Patricia Deck.