Riot Blockchain is a proxy for bitcoin

May 18, 2021

Harvard Bioscience: "They had a good quarter and it was better than expected ... I think it's a decent spec, let's put it that way."

Oneok: "I happen to like Oneok ... They are a very conservative company. They've done a very good job ... I think you've got a good one there, if not a great one."

Ammo Munitions: "I've got to study this one."

Riot Blockchain: "Riot Blockchain is just a proxy, frankly, for bitcoin ... If you think bitcoin's going up, you buy Riot Blockchain. If you don't, then you sell Riot Blockchain."

ViacomCBS: "You need another Archegos. We need another darned stupid fund manager, who's considered to be brilliant by really rich people because he's rich, who can fool a lot of people to take the stock up to $90 and then got clobbered."

Montrose Environmental: "The landfill business has gotten to be a great business again ... This is a little speculative name, but I have to say I like the waste business. So I think you're going to do OK."

Turtle Beach: "I am so convinced that Logitech is going to do better than Turtle Beach."