Team approach serves well with retirement planning at Lovett and Associates | Waco Today

June 24, 2021

She said it’s important that they let clients know how soon they can retire, but also answer the question of “How will you stay active in retirement?”

Kristina said it’s important to determine how they plan to live their days and what costs may be involved in doing that.

“Can you afford what you expect your life to look like?” said Kendall, who is semi-retired, and has some experience in that area.

“Retirement’s not all that you think it’s gonna be,” he said, noting that after a morning of going out for coffee or picking up something at Walmart, and maybe doing some fishing (he is an avid fisherman), people ask, “Is this all there is?”

“You need to learn to be versatile with your life,” he said. “Know what will make you happy.”

Eric said some of the happiest retirees he knows are those who have hobbies.

“They are in clubs and organizations. They are serving people,” he said. “Some have part-time jobs.”

He noted a couple of their clients around age 87, 88 have a great attitude because they are doing things that make them happy.

Retirees should all have an attorney, financial advisor, certified public accountant and doctor that they can trust to help them in their later years, Kristina said.