These money and investing tips can help your portfolio if stocks go on vacation in August

July 30, 2021

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These money and investing stories, popular with MarketWatch readers over the past week, can help your portfolio through the August doldrums that the stock market and investors typically endure.

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Investors are accused of being obsessed with short-term results. The popularity of growth stocks proves otherwise

Investors largely look past short-term hiccups. Read More

Here’s how the 6 Big Tech stocks now rank, from worst to first

How to judge Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Microsoft and Google parent Alphabet now that they have reported earnings. Read More

Here’s your to-do list before the stock market’s next dive

The clock is ticking for U.S. stocks. Read More

As Congress clashes over borrowing and debt, gold is likely to beat stocks

Gold outperforms stocks whenever the U.S. government has risked default. Read More

Smart stock investors know to check this telling sign of a company’s health

Corporate culture is like team spirit in sports —crucial to success. Read More

This eye-catching divergence in the stock market is a warning against complacency

The S&P 500’s core outlook remains bullish. Read More

Nasdaq 15,000 is near. Do I hear 30,000?

How the Nasdaq Composite could eclipse the Dow in points in 10 years. Read More

You can beat stock market indexes — this fund manager has, and this is how she and her team did it

Five key lessons on outperformance from Prabha Ram at the American Century Focused Dynamic Growth Fund. Read More

Survey finds asset managers embrace growing stream of data but struggle to sift signal from noise

Active investment managers and hedge funds are snapping up data and incorporating quantitative techniques, but are often struggling to tell what works and what doesn’t. Read More

I’m a former chief investment officer, and this is why I don’t see a long-term future for value investing

For at least a decade now, value investors have had a terrible time, and the resurgence of value stocks in the U.S. this year has been pretty mild. Read More

This tool helps measure how climate friendly your 401(k) is — and dings for its fund offerings

Few companies take steps to make sure the 401(k)s their employees rely on for retirement are investing in stocks deemed Earth-friendly. Read More

Why stock-trading apps like Robinhood plus social media are a potent brew for investors

People tend to take riskier bets when their peers are watching. Read More

Three arguments for, and three against, buying Robinhood shares

Half of brokerage accounts opened in the U.S. from 2016 to 2021 have been set up on Robinhood. Michael Brush discusses the pros and cons of owning the company’s stock. Read More

The retirement treadmill

It’s been incredibly difficult for retirees and near-retirees to get ahead of the curve Read More

Two key approaches to stock picking | How to Invest

Most stock-picking strategies fall under one of two main categories: fundamental and technical analysis. Here’s what each approach offers and how to decide what’s best for you. Read More